Author: sandicon

HI! I`m Sandi and I'm very new at this and learning as I go so bear with me as I make mistakes and make a complete fool of myself here and there, haha. The reason for the name if you haven`t already figured it out is because I`m getting a little old here and like a dog who collects things he likes and buries them to save for later, this old dog is going to start sharing some of the stuff she's accumulated over the years. And some she's just come across!I have wanted to have a page like this for a very long time I just never looked into what it took to put one together. At one time (in the MY SPACE days) I could do all this pretty easy with all the embedding and be putting pictures here and there and be making the page look like I  wanted it to. I had a pretty cool MY SPACE page. But as I`ve grown older I`ve forgotten a big part of what I used to know. So now it's learning all over again time. I will be posting about things I'm interested in which just happens to be art, adult coloring, food, computer stuff (to a degree), and just general everyday things. But I`m here to interest you so it does me no good if I'm not posting about anything you want to see. I want feedback! I want your ideas! I want you to jump in and write the page with me! Well, I can`t give you all the password but I can try to get to everyone`s ideas as quickly as possible. I also like humor and tranquility so I prefer to have no squabbles. I`ll nip them in the bud very quickly.So let us all have a good time and have a place to go to make new friends and chat and have fun...

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